Boron and Iodine - WCAS develops and validates methods for large pharmacokinetic (PK), exposure, stability, risk assessment, and product analysis studies.

We now have validated ICPMS methods for boron at ppb levels in urine, saline, water, and tissue. We also measure boron isotopes with better than 2% RSD, which means very accurate data can be obtained using isotope dilution. These methods have also been applied to animal feed, blood, and many other matrices.

We now have validated methods for total iodine in blood and urine at ug/L levels using ICPMS.

Iodine and boron are tricky elements by ICPMS as well as other methods. While the sensitivity of ICPMS for these elements is excellent, their background, their tendency to adsorb onto glass, and their chemistry all have to be controlled for successful quantitative analysis in complex matrices.

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